About CCI Professional

CCI Professional Pty Ltd is a consulting house that specialises in Industry 4 enabled Human Capital investment strategies.  As the core purpose of the company has always been focused on human actualization and the long term sustainability of organisations, the reason WHY CCI Professional exists can be articulated as follows:


Empowering Leaders to Build Sustainable Organisations

To achieve this outcome, CCI Professional follows an Empirical Research Based Consulting approach that focusses on Organisational Architecture (environment-centric) and Human Capital Crafting (people-centric).  Consequently, it gave rise to the mission of:


Utilising empirically-based consulting methods to evaluate and co-craft optimised organisational environments and human capital solutions.


We understanding that every client is unique and therefore requires a fresh and innovative approach to their industry.  As a result, it is our objective to co-create customised and tailored solutions for a multitude of organisational and leadership related aspects, ranging from human capital investment strategies to mergers and acquisitions.  As a result, HOW we do this can best be explained through a two-fold process.  First is our Mission Alignment Process (MAP) for the organisational architecture that can be facilitated as an optimisation, redesign, or intervention.  Second is our Human Capital Mastery Model approach for human capital crafting requirements, which may include aspects of individual focus (coaching/mentoring), collaborative learning (workshopping/training), or peer education (tribing/e-learning).

As to our impact and success…


“Bigen partnered with CCI to evolve our future business leaders through various development areas including EQ (emotional), SQ (spiritual), BQ (business), PQ (political), and HQ (health).  The integrated process includes areas of self-discovery and purpose, character building, willingness to serve and deploying of skills to the better good of all stakeholders.  This unique approach of CCI exceeds by far the approach, content and results of any other organization / institution of learning (including any academic institution), that we have used previously for leadership development.”


Anton Boshoff – Former Chief Executive Officer of Bigen Africa

Download: CCI Professional – Executive Overview