About CCI Professional

How does one accurately calculate the value of an organisation?  The response is found by considering its collective capital.  From a monetary point of view, this is mostly achieved through a due diligence, leading to various organic and inorganic growth and investment strategies to ensure long term sustainability.  Yet research indicates that up to 35% of an organisation’s overall capital resides within the human component.  For this reason, CCI Professional Pty Ltd was established in 2016, with the sole purpose to:


Actualise Human Capital…

To best accomplish this outcome, CCI Professional functions as a consulting house that specialises in Industry 4 enabled human capital investment strategies.  Scrutinising a capital view of an organisation, we share the belief that human capital is not a pool of wealth; it is the foundation on which all other capital pools are built.  This understanding gave rise to our mission of:


Empowering Leaders to Build Sustainable Organisations.


We understand that every client is unique and therefore requires a fresh and innovative approach to their industry.  Therefore, our objective is to co-create customised and tailored solutions for a multitude of organisational and leadership related aspects, ranging from human capital strategies to mergers and acquisitions.  This can best be explained through a three-fold approach.  First is a concise empirical research-based process to assist us and our clients to understand what their current human capital realities are.  Second, we employ the Principle of Habitat to best understand the human capital environment.  This is achieved through our Mission Alignment Process (MAP).  The final component focuses on human capital mastery, which may include aspects of individual development (coaching/mentoring), collaborative learning (workshopping/training), or peer education (tribing/e-learning).

As to our impact and success…


“Bigen partnered with CCI to evolve our future business leaders through various development areas including EQ (emotional), SQ (spiritual), BQ (business), PQ (political), and HQ (health).  The integrated process includes areas of self-discovery and purpose, character building, willingness to serve and deploying of skills to the better good of all stakeholders.  This unique approach of CCI exceeds by far the approach, content and results of any other organization / institution of learning (including any academic institution), that we have used previously for leadership development.”


Anton Boshoff – Former Chief Executive Officer of Bigen Africa

Download: CCI Professional – Executive Overview