Authentic Leadership

Have you ever considered extensive personal development?  How about a holistic and long term personal future plan?  If any of these ideas appeal to you then we wish to encourage you to consider the Authentic Leadership Seminar developed by Xpand International.  This two day seminar is ideally suited for any working professional or student whose desire is to discover their latent potential and map the way forward.  



The outcomes of the seminar are to:

  • Understand your history, potential and values

  • Discover your passion and develop a challenging, yet realistic perspective of your career

  • Integrate work and life in a healthy and inspiring way

  • Ensure long term success by building a support team


The seminar consists of:

  • Two intensive, full day, training sessions

  • Using the Xpand Value-Centred Leadership Scan®. The VCL Scan is the backbone tool in most of the Xpand training initiatives, having been developed and perfected during the past 25 years by Xpand International

  • Designing a long term personal development strategy

  • Growing into personal mastery by understanding your past, present and future

  • Mentoring in a professional setting.


A Breakdown of the 3 day seminar program:

1.  Authentic leadership


  • Leadership in the 21st century

  • Developing character and competence

  • How to handle power in a serving way

2.  Discovering potential


  • Learning from your own history

  • Understanding your own 4 areas of intrinsic motivation

  • Doing the value centred leadership scan

3.  Growing into mastery


  • How to define your passion

  • Ensure mastering of your talents by designing your career path

  • Building a realistic and challenging development program

4.  Work-life integration


  • Building a healthy lifestyle

  • Constructing your integrated house

  • Understanding your resilience profile

5.  Mentoring in a professional setting


  • How to build a strong support team

  • 3 levels of mentoring

  • Building a mentor structure in your organization