Career Coaching

Preparing our Youth for the Future of Work

The challenge to decide on a career is becoming increasingly difficult as a result of radical changes in the world of work. As recently as ten years ago this challenge was predominantly experienced by younger people who had to deal with this question. This has changed. The number of adults, and even older people (over 50), requesting career guidance has increased every year for the past decade.  It is with this in mind that the Shadowmatch Research Team decided to test the validity of a career report based on the neurologically embedded habits of an individual that would also be Industry 4.0 ready. The worksheet considers the age of the person and every report is unique to the individual. The system is fully automated and there is no time delay in generating the report once the individual has completed the Shadowmatch worksheet.  Most of the themes are accompanied by a video explaining each specific aspect.


CCI Professional has several accredited career coaches who are ready to serve our student/learner market across the nation.  Various options of career guidance workshops, hosted at schools, colleges and universities are also available.  For more information regarding any of these services, please contact the CCI Professional office.  Pertaining to the career guidance report, please visit the Shadowmatch career guidance website to watch their four informative videos:  https://www.careermatch4me.com

Download: CCI Professional – Career Readiness Executive Summary