“Bigen partnered with CCI to evolve our future business leaders through various development areas including Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), Business Intelligence (BQ), Political Intelligence (PQ), and Health Intelligence (HQ).  The integrated process includes areas of self-discovery and purpose, character building, willingness to serve and deploying of skills to the better good of all stakeholders.  This unique approach of CCI exceeds by far the approach, content and results of any other organisation / institution of learning (including any academic institution), that we have used previously for leadership development.”

Anton Boshoff – Chief Executive Officer

“Dölberg had the opportunity to interact with CCI and found it an extremely valuable contribution to our business, both from the quality of the courses content presented as well as the rich experience of the facilitators.  CCI will continue as an essential resource to strengthen our business.”

Heinrich Odendaal – Director

“I’ve seldom experienced the vast array of services from an institution such as CCI and had the privilege of attending a few programmes presented by this dynamic and highly professional team of experts.  The outcome of the intervention on me personally and also on my team exceeded my expectations and I have no doubt that regardless of the industry where they become involved, that they will indeed have a significant impact.”

Marlene Freislich – Executive Director

“CCI is a dynamic company with very strong values, focused on the positive impact they can make to others.  They are one of the few companies out there not just interested in profits, but who sincerely try to make a difference in the lives of others and the wellbeing and growth of companies they deal with.  I have known Marcel for a short few years, and must say that he has made a positive impression on me and my business colleagues and it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with CCI.”

Elicus Marais – Chief Executive Officer

Business People Applauding