Business People Applauding



"Arbor Capital have been working closely with Marcel and his team at CCI Professional since mid-2019 and have found their input invaluable into the way we do business. CCI Professional assisted us to re-define the “Why”, “What” and “How” of our business and key executives. We believe the growth we experience within the organisation today, is a direct result of the journey we travelled with CCI Professional. CCI Professional became an associate to Arbor Capital in June 2020, assisting many of our clients with their growth and expansion strategies, especially relating to Human Capital Investment. We are proud to be associated with Marcel and his CCI Professional team."

Daniel Nell - Chief Executive Officer


"Businessprint have been working closely with the CCI Professional's senior consulting team since 2019 and are constantly experiencing the value that they add to our business. We continue to engage with them as partners to our business as specialists in the field of Human Capital Investment. They have empowered us to unlock value around the people aspect of our business and we are seeing the return on investment. If you haven’t given your Human Capital the attention it needs or you need a fresh updated perspective they are a good place to start. They have a unique mission alignment process which will add value to any business on an executive level."

Massimo Mancini - Chief Executive Officer 


"We engaged with Marcel and his team at CCI Professional in the midst of the initial Covid hard lockdown in May 2020 in an effort to use the lockdown time as effectively as possible to look at our internal business structures and to ensure that we are on the right path with regards to our future expansion plans as a business. Marcel was able to identify our needs from the onset and almost immediately introduced us to some of his partners who had a couple of informative sessions with our executive team regarding our future plans and roadmap. It became clear that we needed to make a couple of changes to our team to get the "right people on the bus" and to ensure that we grow these people optimally to support our growing business needs. We, as a business, decided to partner with CCI Professional as a strategic partner to assist us with a 3-step approach to optimize our executive work capacity that will ultimately lead to a next growth and expansion phase for MWare. The engagement led us through a combination of personal development programs and individual executive coaching sessions, as well as a team behavioural profile optimization strategy to assist us with organizational cultural alignment. This led us to a human capital structuring workshop where we focussed on transition leadership through delegation of management authority. We are still busy with our journey and transforming our business and we strongly believe that the partnership with CCI Professional has pathed the way for us to change the course of our business future and will have a lasting impact on the life's of the entire MWare team from now into the future." 

Mich Martins - Chief Executive Officer (Mware)

Edendale School.png

"I would like to thank CCI Professional for investing in the lives of my staff at Doxa Deo Edendale School over the past two years. The professional way in which they conducted all the sessions was profound. The tools and techniques that were practiced during the sessions were relevant and in line with the new modern way of equipping educators to fulfil their calling. CCI performs a tremendous job to ensure we maintain good practices in the workplace. I’m thankful for Marcel and his team for leading the educators to excellence."

Coen Cloete - Executive Principal of Doxa Deo Edendale School 


"Bigen partnered with CCI Professional to evolve our future business leaders through various development areas including Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), Business Intelligence (BQ), Political Intelligence (PQ) and Health Intelligence (HQ). The integrated process includes areas of self-discovery and purpose, character building, willingness to serve and deploying of skills to the better good of stakeholders. This unique approach of CCI Professional exceeds by far the approach, content and results of any other organisation / institution of learning including academic institution, that we have used previously for leadership development."

Anton Boshoff - Former Chief Executive Officer


"Dölberg had the opportunity to interact with CCI Professional and found it an extremely valuable contribution to our business, both from the quality of the courses content presented as well as the rich experience of the facilitators. CCI Professional will continue as an essential resource to strengthen our business."

Heinrich Odendaal - Director