Organisational Mastery

Building an organization, while ensuring constant growth and performance of employees, requires superior strategic leadership.  Becoming such a strategic leader implies that you will have to be able to formulate an inspiring and outcomes orientated vision, design a goals and values based strategic plan, provide context for effective operational processes and ensure that you are able to manage change and transition.

The outcomes of the seminar are to:

  • Combine your company history, mission statement and critical trends into an inspiring vision

  • Find and explain your core competencies as an organization

  • Develop the skill of designing multiple future scenario’s

  • Combine the most applicable needs of your customers with your most relevant products/services

  • Use a SWOT analyses

  • Decide on your strategic market position and strategic goals

  • Understand how growing organizations need to handle crisis as part of the process

  • Design the structure that serves your strategy and that will also empower your employees to deliver excellent work

  • Build a culture that inspires your staff and customers

  • Become a change agent and a transition leader

  • Grow in your ability as leaders within unpredictable times

  • Adapt your leadership style to the success of your organization


The seminar consists of:

  • Three intensive, full day training (or as agreed upon within the proposal)

  • Lecture, workshops and practical team events

  • Acquiring concrete “tools” in order to develop and lead your organization with greater effectiveness


A Breakdown of the 3 day seminar program:

1.  Designing an inspiring vision


  • Analysing your history, current situation and challenges

  • Defining your mission

  • Developing scenario’s

  • Designing a challenging vision

  • Communicating your vision/mission in an inspiring way

2.  Strategy development

  • Investigating the desires and needs of your clients

  • Analysing your service quality

  • Building your product portfolio

  • Defining the consequences of your SWOT analyses

  • Defining your desired market position

  • Developing your strategic goals and projects

3.  Building effective organisations


  • Growth will lead to crisis and change

  • Finding the structure that serves your strategy

  • Building a effective and motivating organization

  • Ensuring growth possibilities for your staff

  • Creating an inspiring communication culture

4.  Transition management


  • The process of change and transition

  • Change with respect and using the time of insecurity

  • Getting the team on board

  • Leading your team into the new phase

  • Adapting your leadership style

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