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 Organisational Mastery

Growing Healthy Organisations


With the progression of the industrial revolutions, it became apparent that equating man to the machine is no longer a viable option.  Our people are more than mere resources – they represent the life and breath of our organisations.  This is the shift from the cold, systems driven organisation to a warm, relationally structured organism, where each members becomes a cell to this organisational body.  Growing a healthy organisation requires that each person is optimally engaged, while the cancer of modern day workplace – stress, is intentionally being managed.  Healthy organisations seeks to create environments where members can experience wholeness, are self-managed, has space for an evolving purpose, true empowerment takes place and culture is honours above strategy, to name but a few.  CCI Professional can assist with the growing of a healthy organisation through the following, but not limited to, interventions:


  • Organisational Health Evaluation;

  • Aligning Purpose and the Bottom Line;

  • Crafting an Industry 4 Enabled Strategy;

  • Optimize Organisational Culture;

  • Explore Optimal Market Positioning;

  • Achieving Objectives through Strategic Governance;

  • Organisational Structural Integrity Analysis;

  • Multi-Generational Succession Planning;

  • Leading Transitions, Managing Change.


“Organizational health is the single greatest competitive advantage that any organisation has.  It’s free and is accessible to any leader and yet it remains largely untapped.” Patrick Lencioni