Performance Mastery

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

 Performance Mastery

Building a Culture of Optimal Performance


Stimulating employee performance indeed takes both skill and experience, but finding that sweet spot of optimal tension is indeed a master art.  Leaders around the world are evolving.  No longer are we seeking to drive performance through compliance, but creating an environment where our teams can take ownership and master their own performance.  As with all great realities, there is a spectrum, with truth being the point of tension.  On the one side of the performance spectrum, our employees find themselves in a non-sustainable position of maximum performance; on the other side, the mediocracy of under-performance. Comparable to a car’s revolutions counter, it can alternate between idling and 10,000 rpm, but the sustainable position is usually in the order of approximately 2,500-3,000 rpm.  Do you know how to identify that optimal performance zone for each of your employee?  Have you structured their working environment to ensure they remain in that optimal zone?  Let us assist you with focus areas such as:

  • Constructing Recruitment Networks;

  • Person-Organisational Culture Alignment;

  • Person-Job Fit;

  • Building Performance Through Self-Efficacy;

  • Mindfulness Coaching and Mentoring;

  • Optimising Employee Engagement.


“The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance.” Brian Tracy