Performance Mastery

Focusing not only on getting the right people on board, but also how to get each person in the right seat. This empowerment program equips leaders with the necessary skills and tools to effectively coach and mentor employees; leading them to greater levels of competence.

The outcomes of this programme will assist you / and your team in the following:

•  Develop a strategy on how to win, select and integrate the talents you need to grow as a team and organisation;

•  Develop a strategy as to select new employees on calling, character and competence;

•  Design an integration programme for new employees;

•  Develop your employees towards their full potential;

•  Assist leaders in developing self-responsibility within their employees to take ownership for their own development;

•  Learn how to challenge and excite your employees to grow into their next performance level;

•  Develop a culture of appreciation and feedback with employees;

•  Provide critical feedback in a constructive way;

•  Develop a culture of passion and performance;

•  Facilitate regular employee engagements in a constructive way;

•  Stimulate your employees to reflect on their own progress.

The programme consists of:

•  Three intensive, full day training (or as agreed upon within the proposal);

•  Developing a personal training programme on the Performance Mastery model together with key focus areas     for yourself and your team;

•  Acquiring concrete “tools” in order to develop your employees with greater effectiveness;

•  Explore meta-tools such as Shadowmatch.

A breakdown of this programme:

1.  Constructing Recruitment Networks

•   Understanding the dynamics of the talent war;

•   Building your talent pool;

•   Getting the right people on my bus;

•   The right seat for the right person.

3.  Person-Job Fit


•   What really matters in the job-specs;

•   Crafting top-performance benchmarks;

•   Align skill and qualification with cultural behaviour;

•   Creating a culture of continuous learning & development.

5.  Coaching and Mentoring


•   Coaching that transforms;

•   Mentoring like the sage;

•   Dealing with character and competency;

•   Challenging concretely.

2.  Person-Organisation Culture Alignment

•   Exploring your current culture;

•   Establishing cultural benchmarks;

•   Transitioning organisational culture;

•   Strategies for dealing with cultural misfits.

4.  Building Performance


•   Stimulating challenging goal setting;

•   Moving from manager to leader;

•   Appreciation and encouragement to grow;

•   Providing critique in a constructive manner.

6.  Optimising Appointments


•   Preparation for engagements;

•   Reflecting and analysing progress;

•   Defining realistic collective goals;

•   Facilitating interaction.

7. Multi-Generational Succesion


•   Understand generational theory;

•   Bridging generational gaps;

•   DNA and values means the most;

•   From success to significance.

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