Personal Mastery

 Personal Mastery

Raising Individuals in Mastery


Healthy organisational will always be the result of healthy individuals.  Therefore, ensuring that every member of the team is fulfilled and engaged in their work becomes a critical aspect in every successful organisation.  CCI Professional can assist with the growth and development of employees through the following, but not limited interventions:


  • Blueprint – Discover your true core identity through the articulation of personal “I AM” statements;

  • Authentic Leadership – Unpacking the various dimensions of who an authentic leader is and how their calling, character, and competencies relate to both people and the task at hand;

  • Mastering Life Authentically – Taking stock of my life and articulating a clear strategy towards a preferred life vision;

  • Mastering Complexity – Learn how to deal with one of the greatest modern day leadership challenges of navigating the VUCA world in light of the 4th Industrial Revolution, by becoming a Human Capital investment expert.

  • Personal Resilience – Dealing with the challenges of stress and burnout in a productive and meaningful way through some of the latest neuroscientific research;

  • Work-Life Integration – Shifting from a work-life balance mentality to an understanding of integration… The only way in which the brain can truly function successfully;

  • Emotional Agility – Understanding and utilising the neurological miracle of applied emotional capacity within all social constructs of life;

  • Propensity Towards Success – Articulate your pattern for growth towards success through the five “I” considerations.

  • Spiritual Intelligence – Authentically exploring the personal dimensions of identity, calling and purpose within a pluralistic world;

  • Cultural Intelligence – Optimising interactions and engagements within a multi-divers world through mindfulness training;

  • Innovative Problem Solving – Applying the principles of thought- and neuro-leadership in order to master complexity.


“The most powerful force in our human psyche is how we describe ourselves to ourself. The words that follow ‘I Am’ follow you.” - Rock Thomas