Personal Resilience

"Resilience= the ability of a person to deal with surprises, changes and

unexpected setbacks in a healthy manner"

The outcomes of the seminar are to:

  • Stay healthy, fit and motivated in times of constant change.

  • Ensure that employees stay motivated, energised and get less sick.

  • Prevent a burn-out.

  • Get a clear picture of my strengths and weaknesses regarding my personal resilience level

  • Learn the lessons of my personal history

  • Build up self-trust and realistic optimism

  • Building a life and work style of resilience

  • Develop effective time-management

  • Develop discipline for a healthy lifestyle

  • Decide how to build motivating relationships

  • Design a realistic training program

The seminar consists of:

  • One intensive, full day training.

  • Completing the resilience scan that will assist you to discover what aspects of resilience need more development.

  • Developing a personal training program to develop your most important resilience factor.

  • Acquiring concrete “tools” in order to develop your personal as well as your team’s resilience.


A Breakdown of the 2 day seminar program:

  • Understanding the 5 phases of burnout

  • Stop the hyperactivity, rethink my lifestyle

  • Conducting the resilience scan

  • Insight in the 7 resilience factors

  • Design my healthy training program


What are the advantages of resilience in your life?