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 Impacting Society

Building our Legacy... One Day at a Time

Though CCI Professional Pty Ltd is registered as a full profit business, our focus and reason for existence have never been built around this aspect.  Rather, as indicated by our organizational strategy, we see our profit as a strategic enabler and not an outcome.  This can best be seen in the reality that CCI Professional was started and is fully owned by the City Changers Institute NPC.  Consequently, as CCI Professional began to grow, we started to function as part of the economic engine for our non-profit ventures.


Concerning our bottom-line, as an outflow of our WHY statement (the purpose we exist), it concludes with our contribution towards a healthy society.  As a result, we articulated a Trippel Bottom-Line as follow:

  1. Individual Value – Ensuring that we not only deliver value to every person we engage with, but that their individual value has been accentuated, leading to the actualisation of who they were created to be.

  2. Organisational Health – We ascribe to the philosophy of Lencioni, that organisational health is the single greatest competitive advantage that any organization has.  Not only does it serve the bottom line of any organization, but also ensuring long term sustainability.

  3. Societal Wholeness – When considering the world, we live in, the focus cannot only be on our current reality but building today to leave a legacy for the generations to come.  By ourselves, our contribution would be minimal, but through the collective efforts of all our partners, the effect can be exponential.


Therefore, considering some of the CCI Professional initiatives that we are directly involved in within our society includes:

  • Social Economic Development initiatives, where each consultant are required to “sow” one investment event per quarter at no charge.

    • One of these initiatives was alongside the Akaretsa fund of Bigen Africa, where we made a personal resilience investment in lives of 198 non-profit leaders from 49 companies in 2018.

  • Youth leadership investment programs.

  • Youth career guidance programs (Industry 4 enabled).


For more information, on these and other social programs, please contact any of our team members directly.