Team Mastery

Leading a diverse team is a challenge and it is of critical importance to recognise and utilise the different personalities and skill sets in such a way that the team and organisation benefits.  This programme will assist you to identify skills and lead your team in such a way that different skills are utilised and celebrated for the contribution it makes to the team.



The outcomes of the seminar are to:

  • Build up an innovative, effective and motivated team

  • Train your team members to build up a trustworthy and respectful communication style

  • Find the unique contribution of each team member and encouraging them to complete their responsibility with confidence

  • Understanding the anatomy of a conflict, and how to act fast, open and fair to ensure a win-win solution

  • Understanding my own strengths and pitfalls within a conflict situation

  • Build an effective feedback culture within your team

  • Understanding the basic laws of communication

  • Read and implement body language to avoid misunderstandings

  • Take a stand and negotiate in a positive and convincing style

  • Prepare your presentation in such a way that you will resonate with your audience

  • Give a presentation in an inspiring way


The seminar consists of:

  • Three intensive, full day training (or as agreed upon withinin proposal)

  • Lecture, workshops and practical team building events

  • Acquiring concrete “tools” in order to develop and lead your team with greater effectiveness


A Breakdown of the 3 day seminar program:

1.  Building effective teams


  • Secrets of successful teams

  • Building bridges of communication

  • Growing maturity as a team

  • Defining and implementing roles within your team

  • Teambuilding rituals

2.  Handling conflicts


  • The anatomy of a conflict

  • Levels of conflict development

  • Understanding my conflict style

  • Mediating to win-win solutions

  • Developing a feedback culture

3.  Interpersonal communication


  • The essence of communication

  • Reading body language

  • The 5 steps of a good dialog

  • Debating constructively

  • Ensuring clear understanding within communication

4.  Presentation and moderation


  • Understanding your audience

  • Designing inspiring presentations

  • Messages that nobody will forget

  • Resonating with and winning your audience

  • How to ensure that people will implement your message

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