The Team

Consultant Team*

​The consultants are our dedicated team members who have a primary focus towards CCI Professional.

Empowerment Team

​The empowerment team are our members who take responsibility for capacitating our consultants.

  • Sanet Barnard (Chief Empowerment Officer)

  • Zanti Hattingh 


Associates of CCI Professional are external specialists who work in collaboration with our teams.​

Board of Directors & Reference

  • Nico Nell (Chair)

  • Fred Strydom CA (SA) (Non-Ex)

  • Marcel Hattingh (Ex)

  • Louis van der Vyver (Non-Ex)

  • Willie Miller (Non-Ex)

  • Anton Venter DSL (Reference)

  • Alan Platt (Reference)

  • Jean Symons (Reference)

*For more information on each of our members, please download their individual professional profiles where available.