Youth Leadership Investment

Building the Next-Generation of Leaders

Frequently, we find leadership development only aimed at members of a school’s student council. The City Changers Institute Youth Leadership Development Program has therefore been designed to address this need by raising and equipping young leaders throughout an entire school.  Consequently, this 3-tier development program can commence at any level, starting from approximately 13 years of age, stretching far into young adulthood.  The focus of the program is to cultivate a holistic awareness of what leadership is, based on three different, yet complementary approaches, which include:


  • Philosophical worldview exploration;

  • Values-based considerations;

  • Pragmatic leadership theory application.

Each lesson has been constructed from a “flipping the classroom” perspective where the host does not need to be a subject/content expert; only a facilitator of the learning and collaborative process.  For more information pertaining to this youth leadership program, please contact the CCI Professional office.

Download: CCI Professional – Youth Leadership Development Executive Summary

Download: CCI Professional – Program Lesson Sample